Jallu's Magic Starlight

Aveclaulut, Poikkitieteelliset, Serenadit,

Under Jallu's magic starlight
Not the highest star, but most bright
I look through my empty shot glass
And I fill it up again
Under Jallu's magic starlight
Our strong drinks are cut from first bite
From this magic drink, a shelter
I will make for my sad days

And under Jallu's starlight
I will take one, for a safe flight
Only under Jallu's soft sight
I will cry a joyful tear

Under Jallu's magic starlight
Singer's throat gets dry and so tight
Only getting booze he feels right
And can move on from this day
Under Jallu's magic starlight
Creeps a frost my soul cannot fight
But by corking one more tonight
My heart is warmed again

And under...



Täällä Jallutähden alla - englannettu versio for international singers.


Täällä Pohjantähden alla

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